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October 7th Angel Card Reading

Sisterhood of the Rose

Devotion. You are a teacher, a mystic. You’re being called to get out into nature, to see the beauty of Mother Earth and then add to that beauty. You’re here to see the good in the world and magnify that good.

If you’re an artist, create art with gratitude for this beauty. If you write, write about beauty, about Mother Nature. However you create, create in Her name.

Devote yourself to the beauty and mysticism that is all around you and notice what happens when you do.

The Ever-Unfolding Rose

It’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it is, it’s happening for you. It’s cracking you open in a way that you will make you ready to birth a new age, in a way that will make you ready to take on a new way of being.

When you look at a rose, notice the patterns. Notice how you feel and what is drawing you in. This pattern is the pattern of life. How everything goes in cycles and slowly opens, then petals fall, the flower dies and a new one is grown. Much like life, slowly we open to a new way of being, the old parts fall away, an old self dies, and a new one takes its place.

Have faith, and don’t shut down when things get rough. Let your heart continue to open.

Birthing a New Age

When you have been cracked open, when you have devoted yourself to your path, to the mysticism of the earth, then you create a new world. When you begin working on yourself, you begin to realize what you want the world to look like.  You first need this vision.

You may be in a transition phase and not feel ready to create a new world, a new project, a new artwork, etc, but do it anyway. Begin before you’re ready. This is the way it works. This is how we create something new. We see our desires, we envision a new way, and then we take action before we think we are ready. Your Angels will be there every step of the way to help you, so take the leap and birth a new age.

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(Cards are from the Work Your Light Deck by Rebecca Campbell)

July 22, 2019 Angel Card Reading

Birthing a New Age

You have a picture of what your life could be like, maybe even what the world could be like. This is your time to get to work. Know that it’s all possible. 

This is your week to take action. Begin with one step towards that dream. All of the ideas, feelings, everything that is rising in you right now is ready to come out. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready, begin now anyway. Take one step and go from there. 

You were born here, in this time, for this purpose. To let your wild ideas flow and help birth a new age into being. 


There have been things coming up in your life you thought you had already worked through, but here they are again.

Remember life is cyclic, things will come back, but it won’t be like starting over because you’ll have grown from the previous time. Think of it as a spiral staircase. You find yourself facing north several times on your way up, but with every step, you’re higher than you were before. With every level higher, you’re letting go, releasing, unbinding old stories, old patterns, old habits, and beliefs. 

What’s coming up can be from this lifetime or past lives. Regardless, things come back around, and this lifetime is the one for you to let go. This is your week to name what’s coming up, work through it and then let go of all the old junk that isn’t serving your highest good anymore. It’s safe for you to let go. 

Don’t Dim to Fit In

What have you been holding back? Is there a title you haven’t claimed publicly, or a belief you’ve kept to yourself? What about excitement? Have you kept that to yourself because people around you weren’t excited? Many times I find myself dimming down my excitement or passion when I’m around someone who is tired, upset, or doesn’t care about the same things, but don’t let that dim you, keep on shining.

Don’t think about what those around you are doing. Shine your light as brightly as you wish. Don’t hold anything back. Don’t try to fit in. Be weird, be loud, be the human that only you can be. Embrace the weirdness. 

When you shine brightly, others will take notice, they will want to join you on your path. And if they don’t like the new you, and don’t want to come along on the journey, that’s on them. You carry on with your bright, beautiful self. 

What card did you select this week? How will you use the message this week?

July 1, 2019 – Angel Card Reading

Today we’re talking about what we’ve learned in the last 6 months that we will carry with us over the next 6 months. I’m slowly moving towards flowing with the seasons than I am with the calendar dates, but I can’t help but love to think about the mid-point of the year! We’ve probably all grown up with the idea of Near Year’s resolutions, so chances are we are half way to when we want to accomplish our goals.

When I pulled today’s cards, I wanted you to each grow from them both what you have learned and how to keep it up. Get clear on how you learned your lessons, what you did differently once you did and what you plan on doing in order to keep up with them. When you do, you’ll find the goals, the abundance, the happiness, the peace, or whatever else you’ve been working towards.

Deep Replenishment

Retreat, rest, be held. This year you’ve learned the importance of resting and taking care of yourself first. Most importantly, your soul. Not just your physical body. If you’ve had a year like mine, you’ve learned the hard way! When I don’t start my day with something I love, stress, anger and overwhelm take over. It’s important to schedule in breaks, to get some extra sleep, to take a nap, have a fun day off, start the day with something your soul is passionate about. These are all things that I’ve learned this year (I selected this card this week too) and it’s an important lesson to remember for the rest of the year and into the future. 

If this is your card, make a list of things you’ve done this year that has taught you to rest – the times you got sick from stress, or burnt out on your job, or spent the weekend doing nothing because you had done too much during the week, etc. Then write a list of all the things you did to rest. The naps, the yoga, the journaling, the late start to the day, the early bedtime, the long lunch break to go for a walk or read a fun book. What did you learn? How did you grow from these lessons? Schedule these things into your planner every week!

Take a Break

Get off the treadmill. This card a little different than the first, but they are very similar. In this card, we are asked to stop racing from thing to thing to thing like it will come to an end if we finish everything. As if there was a final destination so that you could then live your joy. This year you’ve learned the importance of the phrase ‘life’s a journey, not a destination’. You will never complete your journey until this lifetime ends. So embrace each moment, take time to enjoy the little things. 

If this was your card this week, notice where you’ve stopped pushing to finish all of the things. How does it feel to get off the hamster wheel and simply enjoy life? You may have stopped doing tons of overtime, or taken a vacation, or made the decision to make your business simple (ie just talking about an offering instead of doing all of the landing pages, freebies, curated posts, and marketing campaigns) or scheduled time to be by yourself in nature. How can you continue to take regular breaks in your life and work? Set intentions for how you want to feel when you take a break.


Deep healing. This year has been one of healing for you, you’ve really learned how to step into your power. This may be in your emotional growth, changing careers to one that’s better suited to you, or one of physical health. You’ve spent the time it takes to get to know the real you and own the good and the bad, the choices you’ve made and the desires you hold. 

If this was your card, write about all the ways you’ve transformed this year. Write about the fears you’ve let go, the new direction you’re going in and the new friends you’ve made or the friends you’ve let go. How does each of these transformations feel to your body and soul? What blocks have you had to work through? Those blocks or new ones will probably reappear on your journey, so have a plan to work through them. To carry this through the rest of the year, make choices from your intuition. Promise yourself you’ll follow that guidance and work through whatever comes up as it does and that you will celebrate each new transformation!

Which card speaks to you? Let me know in the comments what you’ve learned this year and what you’ll carry forward.

Cards are from Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light Oracle Deck.

Angel Card Reading for the Week of June 24, 2019

Inner Temple

Be devoted to yourself. What do you need to do to care for your mind, body and soul? Pick anything and do it right now. Meditation, journal, going for a walk, stretching, workout, creating something, etc. Whatever you choose, just spend time doing it without all the background noises, turn off the tv, the music, the workout video, all the things and get quite. If it’s nice outside go outside to do it. All of these things will show your body and your soul how much you care, you’ll connect with your soul on a deeper level. 


This card has come up so often recently for myself and for the rest of the tribe choosing cards each Monday. I’m going to write a new post for Thursday with ideas on how to play and celebrate. Share in a comment or on Social Media what you do for play and I’ll add them to the list for ideas. 

What can you celebrate today? What can you do each day to celebrate? Find little moments throughout the day to have fun and experience joy. When you’ve hit a milestone, or the end of the week, or the end of the day, do something bigger to celebrate your accomplishments. Your accomplishment may be as small as you survived the week and kept the kids alive (which actually feels huge some days!). Yay! Go have some fun! You don’t need to wait for a huge accomplishment to celebrate, you are deserving of it now and every day, just as you are. 

Remember, the harder things in life will be easier to handle if you’ve had time to let off steam, to play, to enjoy life. You’ll also be happy to find out that the more you play, the more fun experiences come your way and the more you enjoy all the little things. 

The Ever-Unfolding Rose

This isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you. The struggles we experiences were given to us. They were chosen by us before we came to Earth for this lifetime and some of them are written in the stars. I know so well that they aren’t fun, that it feels like life is ending, that happiness will never come. But these kinds of struggles are breaking us open, making things we don’t need to fall away, welcoming in things we do need more than ever. They are showing us who we really are. 

“Perhaps you are going through a difficult time right now. Instead of curing the difficult, see it as a blessing. To open yourself up to the truth that, perhaps, as hard as it may be, life is happening for you, not to you. And one day, in the not-too-distant future, you may just bless the thing that broke you down and cracked you open because the world needs you open.”

Rebecca Campbell

Let the emotions in, experience them. Let it break you down a little for a while, and then grow back even stronger. Your life is like the rose on this card, with each petal opening in it’s own time, just as your stories are always unfolding. You will be ok. Everything will be ok. 
(Please know that if any struggles seem never-ending, dangerous, life-threatening, if you are depressed or have anything else going on that you need help with, please seek help. Reach out to a friend, family member, counselor, someone who will help you in any way you need.)

Which card did you feel drawn to? What is your one action for the week based on your message?

Angel Card Reading for the Week of June 3, 2019

The first week of June! This week seems to be all about getting clear, asking for guidance and loving yourself enough to let go.

Council of Light

They are here to help you with this weeks mission. Get clear on one focus for the week. Dream, get clear on your intentions and desires and then put them out there into the Universe. Can you delegate your worry over a project to them? What about your ‘what’s next’ question? Let go and see what opportunities present themselves. Could you ask them to provide you with something? Peace, clarity, forgiveness, etc. They only want the best for you and humanity, so get clear on what you want this week. They will only help when you ask.

Star Mother

How can you Mother yourself this week? How can you care for yourself better this week? Do you need to remind yourself to eat 3 meals a day, or that you can take a nap, or to take lots of little breaks? Love yourself as a mother would. What do you see mothers doing? They are reminding their kids that they can do anything, that they don’t need to be afraid of the thunderstorm, that they are loved, that they are perfect just the way they are. Today, how can you do this for yourself? You are supported by the divine because you are the divine. You have the power to accomplish as much as you desire. Let go of your worry about if you’re doing right, or if you’re ready, just let go and trust. 

Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

Today is a day of dreaming. Of looking within yourself to see what you desire. This is the foundation. Your plans will come together with the help of the divine, but you must first voice your desires. Anna is the unconditionally loving mother, remember this when you’re laying out your desires so that you may let go of judgment over them. Do you have thoughts like ‘that’s crazy’ or ‘yeah right, that won’t happen’ or ‘that’s too much for me’? Let go of the guilt, let go of the shoulds, let go of the judgment. Just speak the desires or write them down. Remember that we are all unique, we are all on different paths. So don’t judge yourself for your desires based on what others want or have. Go inward and get clear on your desires. 

Which card speaks to you? What is one action you will take this week because of it?

Angel Card Reading for May 27th

This week we’re talking about the positive changes coming into your awareness. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about fears, and what needs to be released, now we’re in the final week of May and are ready for those positive changes! 
Which card speaks to you today? 


Right now you’re in a great space to play and have fun. You’ve done the work, made it to the other side and now it’s time for fun. You don’t have to wait for anything special, just have fun now. Don’t be so serious about your life. You’re letting go of the struggles and embracing the joy, the fun, the laughter. 

The best way to get started is to celebrate. Celebrate your accomplishments, or what you’re grateful for, or simply because it’s Tuesday. There is no way to celebrate wrong, so don’t wait until you’ve been paid, don’t wait until the kids have a sitter, just celebrate today, right now, anything and everything you can celebrate. You can dance in your office, take the afternoon off, make a healthy treat, or take a walk, it’s up to you how you’d like to celebrate. The more you celebrate, the more that will enter your life that requires celebration. 


You’re learning the value of boundaries. For you, the positive changes are happening because you’ve begun to set clear, intentional boundaries. They may be around your work, your schedule, your morning routine, or who you spend your time with. Whatever you’re setting up, keep going! It’s helping you. You’re able to center yourself and keep all the sucking energies at bay. This is how you light up from within and connect to your true source of power. 

The best way for you to keep this up is to identify what boundaries you’ve put in place this month if you aren’t sure what you did differently. Did you adjust your working hours? Spend less time with certain people? More time with other people? Make a list of what you did this month and whatever boundaries that are still feeling amazing, that you know helped you tremendously, keep them in place. Write them somewhere that you can see them daily. Keep that promise to yourself to stick to it.


The positive changes are showing up in your life by taking you to new places. This doesn’t have to be a physical space. This could be in your dreams, your meditations, or your spiritual practice. Within those places, you’re finding the changes you need to live a healthy, happy life. You’ve been reading, learning, gathering info, and journeying to new areas of your soul (Imrama means Journey of the Soul) and it’s working. You’re finding the sacred in everyday life. 

To keep this positive change going, identify where you are on your journey (The Life Path Spread is a great place to gain more insight into that), what is that you’ve been doing this month. What have you learned? What have you read? What cards have you pulled? Take time to acknowledge everything you’ve done this month, then choose where you want to go next. Is there a book, a course, a place, or a meditation that you’ve been getting called to? Time to get started on that!

Which card called to you this week? What did you learn from that? Where will it take you? Let me know in the comments below! 

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