My session was sent via email and nine cards were used and the information was so accurate and aligned! I actually loved all of the cards, but my favorite was Earth Angel. “The light in you is strong and spreads to those around you.” I would definitely do it again and I’m so grateful that youContinue reading →


I love the confirmation and I love the perspective from someone else it makes it even more clear for me and reminds me that we all see things differently.  In a good way. I felt really good [after my reading]. I felt confident that my angels are always with me and I am always guidedContinue reading →


Ashley is intuitive and thorough in her readings. Her voice is extremely soothing and she explained everything thoroughly, joyously and compassionately. I would recommend to anyone!


Ashley took her time and explained the cards and why they were where they were and asked if I had any questions and felt if the cards were resonating with me. I left feeling good but knowing I had some of my own decisions I have to work on over the next little while.


I left feeling confident, with a better understanding of where I am and where I am going.


I could relate to all of the cards and descriptions. It definitely helped me realize that I need to be more positive and that I need to put in the work to make myself happier and I need to pay attention to relationships that I have. That you took the time to explain every card toContinue reading →