Toddlers and Sleep, and don’t forget the Meditation!

My daughter is three and since our last road trip, she hadn’t been sleeping well. She would spend between 8pm and 11pm creeping down the hallway, into the bathroom, into our bedroom and crouched behind the gate at the end of the hallway. She wasn’t getting sleep and we spent that time telling her to go back to bed, tucking her back in and getting frustrated. Did I mention that she would still be back up at 5am? We weren’t getting enough sleep either!

I finally decided one night to try something different. Reading books before bed wasn’t really helping her calm down. Jumping around the bed, I spent half the story reading time telling her to sit back down so that I could focus. From that night on, we’ve done a meditation instead. She gets in bed, I turn the lights off, turn on an oil diffuser, and we lay in bed listening to a meditation.

We’ve been through quite a few, some worked and some didn’t do anything. She loves my angel cards, so I figured we would start there. I found an angel meditation on YouTube and she loved it. She slept right through the night! Sadly that one didn’t work for more than that night. Since then, I’ve tried maybe 10 different ones for a couple nights each to see how she does. She finally settled on the Sleep Meditation from Kyle Gray. We’ve done that one every night for more than a month now, and only a few times does she take up her old habits. It’s usually easier to get her back to bed.

Why did Angel Prayer’s work?

I think this one works so well because she connected to it. It felt true to her. She repeats some of the words of affirmation that are repeated: blessed, safe, relaxed. Saying these words and listening to how the angels are there to protect her while she sleeps made her feel safe. The meditation helps to cut the chords from all the energies we are bombarded by all day, which helps her relax. Then repeating the words, helps her relax even further so that she can safely go to sleep in her own bed.

Remember she is still a toddler, so many times I find her in my bed asleep when I get ready for bed. She still has her mischevious, but it only lasts a few minutes, and then she drifts off to sleep. Which makes all of us very happy to have found this!


What do you do to get your toddler to go to sleep, or are they naturally great sleepers?

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