I’ve been doing these readings in my group every Monday for months now. I love to share the messages the Angels have for us, it creates so much growth and I want to begin sharing these messages further.

This month in the group we are talking about Positive Changes. The first step to creating positive changes in my opinion? Facing the fear and naming it. Taking away it’s power by naming the fear.

“Start by naming the fear, because a fear named is a fear tamed. Then turn that fear around.”

Witch, Lisa Lister, pg 39

These three cards are naming the fear. In the group each week, I have the women choose the card that calls to them before they even see the images, and if that is something you want to do too, join the group! (Art. Angels. Lifestyle.)

For now, read over the messages and if one, in particular, speaks to you, that’s your message.

These readings will build over the month.

Speak Your Truth – Your fear is speaking up. It’s rooted in your voice. Using your voice, talking to other people, sharing your deepest truths and desires. You’re afraid of what will happen when you speak. You’re thinking questions like ‘What will others say?’, ‘How will they feel?’, ‘Will I hurt their feelings?’.

What about being truthful to yourself? Do you fear being truthing to yourself about your desires? Even if you’re writing in your journal, do you tend to avoid certain topics or censor yourself? If so, now is the time to work through this fear.

Spiritual Abundance – Your fear is around the supernatural, the Angels, the Guides, the Spirits. The connection you have, the power you have to these beings, to the divine. It’s around that you know you are or could be super powerful, but you’re afraid of that connection. Afraid of what they will reveal to you. Afraid of the shadows. The deepest parts of yourself.

Remember, the movies you’ve seen, the horror stories you’ve read, those aren’t the full truth. Sure, some may be based in truth, but they are the Hollywood versions, and you do not need to fear those stories becoming reality.

Synchronicity – Your fear is about what’s been happening in your life. The messages that have been coming up repeatedly. Do you tiptoe around wondering when the next sign will appear, hoping that they (Angels, Guides, etc) don’t see you, and don’t call on you? Or are you fearing that they will tell you to do something bad, or something that you aren’t ready for? Are you seeing the signs but just pretending to forget? 

Now is the time to work through that fear. You have free will and the Angles only want what’s best for you. So you do not need to fear them asking you for something that’s bad or that you aren’t ready for yet. You are ready.

Which message stood out to you today? Can you name your fear? What is one action you can take today in order to move through it?

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