Angelic Creation: The Story Of Why I Created The Membership

This is the story of how Angelic Creation came to be.

I started playing around with the idea about 6 months after I took my first Angel Card training. The idea of creating my own deck. At the time I thought I’d be professionally producing it and selling the deck at the time. However, after creating the first few cards, I began to see the potential.

It wasn’t just about creating a new deck for the world, it was the process in creating that deck that had me even more connected. I was seeing drawings coming together in meditations, and receiving more messages. And I felt like I became who I was meant to be.

I was gaining confidence in myself and my readings and the messages I received. When I sat down to meditate, my world would get so bright with colors and pictures behind my eyelids, and that energetic connection was stronger than ever.

Whereas before it took me a while to turn on the connection, it then took a while to learn how to turn off the connection. My head, neck, and arms would just be tingling for hours as I grounded myself.

This was something that others needed. Now more than ever, we need to remember our connection to the divine. We need to feel that connection, trust it, and make decisions from it. 

Over the course of 2019 I developed my cards, I developed my processes and gained even more confidence in this lesson, as I launched the masterclass in November. 

The membership has grown from that first masterclass. A way to create a community around learning to trust your intuition and create your own cards. So that you can feel this deep connection that I learned from creating cards. 

In the membership, you’ll have:

  • a community
  • monthly Zoom calls to meditate, connect to the Angels and create your cards
  • weekly Q&A sessions by me to answer your questions and share tips
  • extra how-to videos, meditations, and group challenges

It’s an investment in yourself. Trust your intuition, listen to your Angels, and become the artist of your life.

Angelic Creation Membership

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