Work With Me

There are many courses and services on Angelic Activation Academy, which I call the Academy. These are all about connecting to your Angels and Guides and creating confidence and clarity from there.


Angelic Activation: Foundations will introduce you to the Oracle Card Creation Process, connecting to your Angels and energy. This is the primer for anyone wanting to go deeper.

Don't Fear the Shadows is for those of you who already connect to your Guides and Angels. You already know how to connect, you know your energy, and now you want to go into the shadows to transmute.

Reach out for a coupon with a huge discount for this course. 

Commissioned Artwork

Share as many photos of your subject as you can. That way we can select the best photo for this project!

Collaborative Works

If you have a project you think we would work well together on, please reach out. Here is one collab I've recently done.

I'm available as the artist to your written or imagined ideas. I'll bring them to life with visuals.

Each project will be different, so please reach out with details to start talking. I will only accept collabs that are aligned with me and my work.



Create your own deck with my new Oracle creation Journal!

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