Trust Your Intuition

Through art and divination.

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Resources, techniques, products, and recent works all on the blog, fondly called 'the Journal'.

The latest virtual, and in-person events to receive readings, purchase products and create your own cards.

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Learn to trust your intuition and create your oracle cards through small courses and workshops.

Create and test your deck with group support in the community after you've taken the Card Creators Coven Workshop.

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Hey, I'm Ash!

I give the power back to you by connecting you to your intuition so that you can create your own confidence and clarity.

I use art as a way of connection so that you can feel like a confident, fierce, badass, and take your next big leap.

You'll realize that you've had this power all along.

Whether you create your own divination tools or work with me to create art that inspires you, you'll feel that deep connection to yourself. 

I work with spiritual, creative rebels, ready to work with their intution to create something new.

Misit Stromatt

Working with Ashley is a magical experience... I was able to see that my intuition was spot on... letting you open up about what’s come up for you through the session and where you see yourself going. 

Misti Stromatt
Rachel Varga

... provided clarity and healing in many aspects of my life both personally and professionally... Meeting with amazing souls like Ashley helps me to stay balanced physically and maintain a balanced perspective in many aspects of my life. 

Rachel Varga BScN, RN
Alaina Feister

...very accurate for how I have been feeling and has given me clear guidance on action I can take to go in the right direction for fulfilling my life purpose.... feel more peace and excitement for my future. 

Alaina Feister
certified angel guide logowhite

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