Trust Your Intuition

Build confidence and clarity in your life by connecting to your Angels with meditation and the creative process.

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Hey, I'm Ash!

I give the power back to you by connecting you to your Angels so that you can create your own confidence and clarity.

I use intuitive guidance, and art as a way of connection so that you can feel like a confident, fierce, badass and take your next big leap.

You'll realize that you've had this power all along.

You'll develop a connection to your Angels and guides that will help you feel like you are a perfectly imperfect human. 

I am here as a leader. I am perfectly imperfect. I am Angelic. I am Divine. Just as you are. You are a human being on this Earth and you are connected to the Stars and the Angels.

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One on one and Group Services


Angel Card Readings

One on one, 45-minute Angel Card Readings designed to give you the guidance and action steps you need to have clarity, confidence and connection. 

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Angelic Healing Program

Three months working one on one to develop your creative connection. Whatever line of work your in, we will find what you're most passionate about and using the guidance and healing of the Angels, learn what you need to do.

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Angelic Creation Membership

Monthly classes designed to connect you with your Angels, and let you listen to the guidance they give you. You'll learn how to feel your intuition while creating your own Angel Cards.

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Are you ready to connect to your Angels?

A reading will help you connect deeper and develop the confidence you need.

Featured Artwork: January

Leo Lions Roar

 act with grace,
    but my wildness can’t be tamed.
I feel fully
    each of my emotions.
I am the lioness
    protector of Animal Angels,
Embrace all of me
    or face my Leo Lions Roar.

The Details

5 x 7 inches


Original Colored Pencil on paper.

Misit Stromatt

Working with Ashley is a magical experience... Working with her, I was able to see that my intuition was spot on... a safe space to talk to, letting you open up about what’s come up for you through the session and where you see yourself going. She has this comforting energy that’s strong but also graceful, which I really enjoy! 

Misti Stromatt

Rachel Varga

I found the appointment to be thoughtful, personal, insightful and most importantly our time provided clarity and healing in many aspects of my life both personally and professionally... Meeting with amazing souls like Ashley helps me to stay balanced physically and maintain a balanced perspective in many aspects of my life. 

Rachel Varga BScN, RN

Alaina Feister

...very accurate for how I have been feeling and has given me clear guidance on action I can take to go in the right direction for fulfilling my life purpose. I left the reading with reassurance on my past choices and feel more peace and excitement for my future. Ashley is gifted at doing readings and certainly delivered a clear message that I didn’t know I needed until afterward. 

Alaina Feister

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