Readings ↗

Feel confident in what’s next for you so that you can be creative and enjoy life. Book a reading today.

Art ↗

Add some creativity to your walls with art, pillows, fabrics, and more. Purchase art I’ve already created, or commission something new.

Jewelry ↗

View all of the resin and shrinkydink jewelry I’ve made to date and see if there’s something you like.

Divination Tools ↗

Get a blank deck to make your own oracle or tarot cards. Trust your intuition fully and create something that speaks to your soul.

I create art.

You’ll find art, jewelry, and divination tools here. Find works already created, and those that you create yourself.


I’m at the Makers Market in Hayward WI on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays each month through October.

How to work with me

Get a reading. Choose between cards or akashic records.

Buy art, blank decks, or jewelry.

Commission artwork of your pet, or subject.

I’m Ash

I’m passionate about helping you discover your creative power and unleash your inner magic.

You have the power within you to talk with your guides, receive your own messages, and choose your life path, knowing exactly who you are.

Along the way, you’ll need a few guides, I’ll be one of them, but that’s simply what we are. The guides. Those who help you uncover your innate power and wisdom.

Through having a reading, designing a deck, and learning to use it, you’ll become aligned in your body and mind. You’ll see what you’ve felt like has been missing and you’ll see steps beginning to form.

Let’s dive in and see what the records have to say!

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