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Connection, Clarity, Confidence

Develop your connection to your Angels, so that you can develop your confidence, gain clarity and take your next big leap. You'll feel confident that you are ready to transition to the next part of your life.

I believe that we are all psychic. We are all powerful, worthy and abundant.

I believe that our purpose in life is to find what lights us up and share it with the world.

In order to uncover that purpose, that thing that lights us up, I created Studio429. With this platform you will learn to get creative, get in flow, speak to your Angels and discover your true self.
The world needs you to be passionate, to be creative, and to light up when you do your thing. When you do, the world lights up with you.

Choose your path...

Angelic Healing

Be The Artist of Your Life

I want to get weekly Angel Cards pulled for me and be able to ask questions or receive feedback. I need a little advice to help me find my passions and develop and trust my intuition.


I want to go deeper

I've been reading my own cards for a while and now I want to connect deeper to my intuition. I want to learn how to create my own Angel Cards and connect with others doing the same.


I want to fine tune

I want to get healthy, know my body better and learn how to care for myself as I do readings. I want to join other spiritual entrepreneurs for a 28-day healthy detox and reset.

My Vision

I am the sole entrepreneur behind Studio429, but I see this as much larger than me. I envision a future where other Angel Card and Tarot readers join me in this mission of helping people find their passions. We all need to develop our intuition, this is a lifelong practice. As more and more people open up to their intuition, the world will heal. I want others to join me in this mission, sharing readings, teaching courses, sharing health products and leading the way. Studio429 is going to grow into a much larger community when the time is right.

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