About Ash

I am the founder of Studio429 and help others learn to trust their intuition through art and divination.

I create my own blank divination cards, jewelry, and artworks that help you tap into your intuition and have a more creative and connected life.

I’m passionate about helping people discover their creative power and unleash their inner magic.

My daughter used to repeat 4294294294…. it would just keep going. Over and over. We couldn’t convince her that counting began with 1-2-3. My husband and I contemplated what it could mean, but we had no idea.

One day she stopped repeating this order, and she began to count 1-2-3. The day that she stopped was the day that I signed up for an Angel Card Reading Certification Course.

I didn’t think much of it until midway through the course learning about Angel Numbers. Numbers are just one of the ways that our Angels communicate with us. Since kids are so connected to the spirit realm, sometimes the numbers come through them. So when my daughter continued to repeat that number, she was sending me a message that I needed to hear. I was in awe when I learned what that number meant. Even more in awe when I found that specific number in the Angel Numbers section of the courses workbook!

My daughter had a message for me and I’ve been working on it ever since.

429 – Your Angels are with you, keep the faith and get to work on your lifes purpose.

Studio 429 is about connection. Connection to your Angels and Guides, to your surroundings, and to your family and human connections.