The Artwork of 2021

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ash King || Art Witch (@thestudio429)   The theme of 2021 was art for me. It was to get back to my art and spend more time doing that than doing the busywork that can come along with business sometimes. It took its ups and downs,

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With Hooks In Us

With their hooks in us, we are pulled left and right, right and wrong, up and down, good and bad. Do we really need to form opinions on everything? Do we need to take a stand on every topic? Every subject? It’s exhausting trying to take in the information and decide whats best for us.

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Fire N’ Ice

I finished this drawing in 2019 and it’s been hanging on my wall since then. But I hadn’t done anything with it until a couple amazing people at the Art Crawl got interested in it. So began my process of finding a poster making company, and stitching photos together in photoshop.  I love drawing bright,

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Dragon At My Feet

“ During a reiki session, Di, told me I had a dragon at my feet and I could immediately could see this. So this is my little dragon, ready and waiting. ⁠ The dragon is a sign of strength and resilience as well as being connected to the 4 elements just like the Magician in

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Creativity Coursing Through My Veins

Connected to the UniverseThe electric feeling in the airEyes see the energy, but the third eye feels itLike waves crashing downThunder clouds rolling inBuzzing and churning in anticipationAll down the spineWaves of energy hitting like bolts of lightningFingers reaching to the skyHearing and feeling the messages She offersCreativity courses through veinsNothing can stop the currentOne

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