With Hooks In Us

With their hooks in us, we are pulled left and right, right and wrong, up and down, good and bad.

Do we really need to form opinions on everything? Do we need to take a stand on every topic? Every subject? It’s exhausting trying to take in the information and decide whats best for us. But even more exhausting than that is the pull we get from all of the sides. We are getting pulled in every direction. Ripped apart until our light starts leaking out. Held as a doll to be played with; a pawn for each side.

Sometimes all sides make some good points, sometimes none of the sides make sense. But they persist. They dig their hooks in us, trying to pull us to their side, trying to to get us to fall in line with their agenda.

The decisions become overwhelming. Head hangs heavy. Just trying to keep yourself energized enough to go on. Sticking to the shadowy outskirts, hoping to avoid any more hooks being thrown. Hoping to sit back, get some rest, and form opinions by what feels right to us.

Do we rise up and fight, do we simply cut the chords and walk away? Do we form an opinion and go in one direction? It’s so hard to tell when you could be hurt physically or emotionally, yelled at, canceled for one ‘wrong’ step, and discarded.

As the world wakes up, it also opens up. To all the voices, the opinions, the hurt, the suffering, and groups out there. All are struggling for a voice, and for support. Some are here for the help they’ve needed for so long, some are there trying to keep fighting the change because “that’s how it’s always been”.

It takes a lot of mental space to sort everything out, stand in your own energy, keep your energy in, and then take action.

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