Whisper of Darkness [new art]

The darkness is but a whisper, covering my skin and holding me still. It can go either way. Holding me trapped and suffocating on its strands of dark despair, or it can take the other direction and show me the way home to my soul. It can show me where I’ve stepped out of alignment and take me back into the shadows and give me the rest I require. The darkness ins’t my enemy, it is my friend. I’ve gone there on purpose. To shift into a new mindset that reveals itself piece by piece instead of the whole change coming in a thrashing wave overtaking me all at once. The darkness cradles me and rocks me softly, easing me back to life. In the darkness I can come to life. Seeing my path and embracing everything that others might deem wrong or shameful. It’s in the darkness that I become whole. That I become my true self. When the light dawns I loose some of that faith the darkness once held. Faith that a better day is coming and faith that I will stay true to myself. When the light dawns I follow it wherever it goes, not taking the time to see if it’s the correct path for me. The darkness makes me slow down and feel for the path, and in her darkest depths she croons to me of stories and songs of yore when the Goddess showed the path. When women walked in night and held no fear of their potent power. Darkness is our only comfort when all else is removed. To step into the darkness, is courage. but to live in the light is courageous. Written 12/28/21 Prints are available in the shop. If you’ve connected to this artwork, I invite you to select a size to purchase and hang in your favorite space.