Testing out Dura-Lar for the First Time

@studio429 testing out Dura-Lar for the first time! the video I wanted while hearing about it. #coloredpencil #grafix #polychromos #draftingfilm ♬ original sound – studio429

As a colored pencil artist, I’m always trying out new tools and I’ve been wanting to try this surface out for ages, but I wasn’t sure what to get. So many artists are creating amazing things with this paper, so I wanted to see what I could create. I’m still working on some other projects before I’ll do a complete project with this paper, but I’m excited to try it. 

When going to my local stores, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I’ve come home with a couple things called drafting paper, but weren’t even close to what I needed. I ended up ordering it online when I finally figured out the exact brand and style I needed. Grafix, double sided matte. Here I’m using Polychromos to test it out, since they are my favorites. I’ll test out a couple other pencil brands just to see what works best as well. 

I love my sanded papers, so this is a totally new world here. Which is exciting and it offers so many new ideas and possibilities. I’m excited to work further with this surface and my colored pencils to see where I can take it! I’ll share my progress along the way.