Magical Connection Between Movies and Real-Life: Magic is real

Harry Potter and many of our other favorite magical shows, movies, and books, are based on real life. Of course, they are fantasized and include tons of legends, but they also include much truth. 

I was listening to a masterclass from one of my favorite spiritual teachers and it hit me! I was sitting in a divination class at Hogwarts. Not really, but you get the idea. There I was, listening to a woman talk about the history and use of divination. 

Since then I can’t watch a show with magic in it without seeing the real-life connections. And I love them all the more for it. 

Over the last few years, and especially this year, I’ve been moving towards the real-life magic. Connecting with Spirit, manifesting, Angels, crystals, etc.

I don’t want to sit around wishing those worlds were real, because there is magic present in our world already. I practice divination, I manifest things I desire, I pull cards, make potions with essential oils and herbs, notice patterns, spirit animals and symbols, journey with guided meditation, and see messages in my dreams. I may not be able to make a feather float on command, control someone with a look or fly my car, but I do believe in regular everyday magic. Because it’s all around us. We can speak with the dead, call on the angels, ask for signs, use oils and herbs to heal various things and that is only scratching the surface. Chances are you practice some of these things without even realizing it or without making the connections.  

These stories didn’t come from thin air. They were inspired by real-life and then fantasized. (unless you are able to make a feather float on command or breathe underwater – by all means prove me wrong here)

I used to dream these worlds were real until I realized they were here all along. 

Have you made that connection? What movie/show/book helped you make that connection?

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