The Magician : Making The Tarot

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Welcome to a new series. I’m going to be making my own tarot cards. I’m going to be doing them one at a time to really dive deeper into the meanings.

I’m going to keep this practice super loose because I know that these meanings are going to change as I get more in tune with the meanings of each card and each suit. So for right now, this is what the magician card means to me. In the future, that may change, in which case I will update the card, or start a clean card and just keep this deck going over and over as a living tool. Which is kind of how I treat all of the decks that I make.

So this is the first tarot deck that I’m making. This is my very first card and I’m excited to share his process with y’all and I’m excited to see what it brings up for me as well.

In the middle here I’ve got the infinity symbol which I’m also using as an ouroboros, which you’ll see in detail in just a second. I’m intuitively picking the colors that you see here and I have the 4 elements symbols as well in the corners. Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

The magician is all about bringing all these elements together, especially my practice I work elementally so the elements are super important as the magician.

The ouroboros, as above, so below. Inside – outside, shadow work – light work, etc. All these elements play a super important role in how I see the magician card and how I see it as we as witches and magicians and priestesses work, bringing all the elements together to create something that continues to flow.

In the light the shadow and conscious and unconscious we’re bringing all these elements together. As we do our work so this is the magician card.

Welcome to my creative tarot deck series.

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