Embodiment Through Oracle Creation

Want a peek behind the scenes?

Let’s talk about embodiment. This practice of creating my own divination cards isn’t just a fun, fluffy thing to do anymore. It started off just about creating something that would challenge my art skills and be a fun new project.

When I first started to teach how to make oracle cards I only had a partial deck of my own. Leading up to those first few workshops and courses I started making more of my own cards to share in posts. I was testing out methods and figuring out how to teach them.

Then while writing about my process for the workbook I’d realize just what I needed to do in life. I came across so many realizations while just doing the marketing for those first few classes.

I found myself sitting down at my desk and creating cards when I wasn’t sure what I needed to do next. I’d make cards when I was angry and challenged.

When I felt a huge breakthrough, there I was again at my desk, surrounded by pencils and paper and candles, making a new card for my deck. I began writing more to go along with these cards as well and that would take me further in understanding my card.

Over time I began to see just how much healing I was doing in my own body and mind by creating my own cards. Certain cards would reappear over and over while using them for lessons I still hadn’t fully embodied and always need reminders for, while others I’d hardly ever see again because I already had those messages down in my body.

I didn’t need as many reminders that I was connected to the Earth, or that my angels were there for support because I knew that without a doubt in my soul from the practice I was doing. So those cards didn’t appear much. But cards about speaking up, using my voice, and being myself without apology – those cards continue to come up because it’s what I need reminders for. Those are parts of me that are always growing and that I’m always embodying a new aspect of.

As my handmade deck has grown, and other decks have been started, I’ve grown my own practice around it and that is what I guide you through.

I don’t tell you what you have to do next or what message you need. I guide you to the place in yourself where you already know the answers, a place where you can actually hear, and embody the answers that have been trying to come in. In this place, you’re receiving messages from your guides, and whoever you work with it be it deity, elemental, or ancestral.

Each card will take you deeper and allow you to uncover and call back more of your power. Each card will teach you how to follow your intuition and trust that you are more capable than you realize.

You’ll call your power back and heal yourself one card at a time. Uncovering and healing parts of yourself you didn’t even know you needed to heal.

It’s a beautiful process. I can’t wait to guide you through the first cards of your journey.

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