Creating Divination Cards Boosts Intuition

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Intuition is boosted when you start to see it and start to follow it. If you aren’t paying attention, then you aren’t listening and you aren’t developing it. Like anything else listening to your intuition is a skill that you can practice. It doesn’t happen overnight. And likely as you open up to it you’ll start to see all the places in your past when you felt called one way or another. You’ll start to see the synchronicities and see where you could have made changes or where you went in the right direction.
When you sit down to make cards you begin to see how intuition comes in and feels. Because you’re sitting there, asking for guidance and taking action on it right away. Sitting in meditation, hearing and feeling what comes up and then writing about it and drawing it on paper.
While you’re creating your cards, you’ll see what your intuition looks like (this is one of the exercises in the masterclass content) so that you can work with it and talk to it and listen. You’ll have a visual of it to come back to over and over.
Doing this over the course of a 44 or 78 card deck (or however many cards you decide to make) is like 44+ practice sessions to hear and follow your intuition. Each one heightens your senses. Intuition might feel different for everyone, but once you feel it for yourself, you can start looking for that feeling again. It will be more noticeable each time you listen to it and follow its guidance.

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