Making the card: Unity [video]

@studio429 making the unity card. we are one. our consciousness is one. #cardcreatorscoven #designyouroracle #divination #makeyourdivinationtools #oraclecards #artwitch ♬ original sound – studio429

Have you seen my Unity card before? If you’ve had a reading from me or been in one of my past groups, you probably have seen it. 

This card is all about creating unity, bringing everyone together, and working from a mindset of ‘we are one’. It doesn’t matter your background, ethnicity, orientation, identity. We are all beings of Mother Earth at the present and we need to come together to do good in the world. 

When I pull this card, it’s saying that I need to get back to oneness. Back to Unity.

As far as the card creation goes, remember that the end of result looking like a masterpiece isn’t the point. If it does look amazing, great. If it looks rather muddled and no ones sure what it really is until you tell them, great. Either way, you’ve been through the process and gotten an understanding of what you really need to see. Even if this card doesn’t look like hands to you, I know the stories, I remember making this card, and I know it’s meaning. That’s what matters here. 


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