Do you need to know how to use divination card already to join CCC?

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You don’t need to know how to use divination cards, just to join Card Creators Coven. I recently was talking with someone who is interested in Card Creators Coven. And the first question they actually had was, what is a divination card? Which took me aback because I completely forgot that maybe you all need to know what divination is or what a divination card is before you make the choice to join CCC.

What is Divination?

Divination is the art of divining the future or a future thing that might happen, or finding meaning in the things that are happening. It could be finding meaning and why you keep seeing 1111 everywhere or 555. Everywhere there could be the meaning behind something. If you pull a specific card in your Oracle deck every single day, like you’re finding the meaning in that.
That is divination. It’s finding the meaning in these supernatural or spiritual things in your life, be it cards, pendulums, repeating numbers, whatever you use, you’re divining what’s happening or the meaning to that thing. Which means that a divination deck is a set of cards where you’re divining the meaning in whatever card you pull.

What is your divination deck doing?

Your divination deck is helping you find that guidance you need. Maybe it is, do I go with Option A or Option B? Maybe it is just simply what do I need to know today for my highest good, and then you shuffle your cards. And you see what’s on top.
So on top is my pyramid of Diana. So today, I need to go talk to my talk to Diana, the goddess and gain some insight from her or come back to that feeling of when I first came in connection with the goddess Diana. So that is the meaning that I’m divining from this card from this divination deck, is that I need to go work with that energy of getting back to the wild and wilderness and feeling that I first had when I first connected with her.
And that is what a divination card or divination deck will do for you whether you’re using an Oracle deck like this, that’s 44 cards and has can have all kinds of meanings and no specific format or a tarot deck that has a very specific set of cards in the specific order.
No matter which deck you’re using, you’re using those cards those specific messages to divine meaning, or to gain insight and meaning into what you need to know that day or what you need to know to make a decision.

Join Card Creators Coven that you can actually start creating your own divination deck.

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