How To Use Your Blank Divination Deck

You’ve got your eye on a blank deck huh?

That’s wicked cool! It’s one way I began my deeper spiritual practice.

So now that you’ve got a blank stack of cards in front of you, what do you do?

Here are some ideas of how to create the deck of your dreams:

Create a tarot deck with images that show the messages you resonate with.

Do you see the messages differently than someone else? Do you want a deck that tells the exact story you see in each card? Create a deck of your own with your understand of each card. These can change over time as you use the deck and become more familiar with Tarot so you can always update or redo cards in the future.

Create a small oracle deck with 13 cards or any number that resonates with you.

An oracle deck doesn’t have to be huge. Create a deck just to use during Samhain, like we are doing in the Samhain workshop. Or a deck just to use when you need some self-care. Or maybe you just know a specific number of themes in your life – create a card for each and know which theme for the day.

Create a full oracle deck (usually around 44 cards) with a specific theme that relates to your path, career, business, or joys.

There are decks out there for all different types of people, so why not create a deck that is to your aesthetic. Make it fun and vibrant, or dark and spooky. Cover it in all horses, or Angels, or Gods and Goddesses you follow.

Create a deck to work through a major life transition when you need additional support.

Doing some intense shadow work? Make a deck that will help you through this time, especially if it’s something that goes in cycles, healing one layer at a time. Include cards to remind you of the light at the end, to take breaks, to communicate what’s going on in your mind and body, and ones that give you specific steps to get through it.

Create a deck that supports your business.

Are you a writer? Make a deck that gives you writing prompts for the day. Struggle with marketing? Make a deck that contains your pillars of content and values to give you ideas on what to share that day. Work with clients? Make a deck that will help them figure out what they need and desire while working with you. Not sure what to paint next? Make a deck that will give you design ideas to put together for your next art project (this is a deck I’m working on right now).

As you can see the ideas go on and on. Skies the limit!

What deck will you create?

 Click here to choose your blank deck to get started!

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