How creating my own divination cards has changed my relationship with all decks

I have quite the collection of decks at this point. There was a time when I used my oracle decks daily. I loved the messages from almost all of them. There were a few I didn’t connect with deeply, but mostly I loved every deck I touched and used them regularly. 

These days I don’t use any of them that much. I still love the artworks, and some I wish I could have larger prints to hang on my wall. 

Several years ago I began going down a new and deeper spiritual pathway as I found. I started creating my own oracle cards. It took awhile to make a full deck as I let messages come through in their own time, or one or two at each workshop. But once I got that full deck I started using it to read for others. I began noticing patterns in how different cards came up or didn’t reappear. In the process of creating my cards, I went deeper, called my power back, and crafted a deeper connection to myself, and my guides.

Here’s why I know my relationship has changed with cards I’ve purchased and why. These are things to keep in mind when you are beginning to create your own cards, or perhaps a few reasons why you may want to begin creating your own cards now. Remember neither one is good or bad, they are just different relationships. While I don’t use my oracles much, I do use a tarot deck I bought and love. It’s a new path to learn and grow with. 

The magic that sparked when I used a deck lost it’s sparkle.

I didn’t feel the magickal connection anymore, so I found myself using the cards less and less. Jumping from deck to deck to find one I liked. But I just didn’t, because I found more magick in what I was creating. 

I learned the tools I needed for hearing Guides and guidance. 

Everything is a practice, learning to use oracle cards is a practice, and learning to hear the guidance that comes through is a practice. I found the way I needed to hear guidance and got what I needed from my decks. That’s not to say that I know all, or that I don’t need any guidance any longer. It’s just to say that I got what I needed, and found what I needed next for my journey. If I hadn’t followed that path, I would have been blocking myself.

I found the power in creating my own messages.

While creating, I realized that I don’t need tools, that I have the power to do this myself when creating. The tools are super helpful, fun to find or make, and give an added something to ritual, but they aren’t necessary. 

My path is my own, and I’ve pulled many paths together, which means no one deck contains all of my beliefs, and messages

I started in yoga, buddhism, then got into Angels, then Tarot, witchcraft and paganism. There’s a lot of information and belief from many different paths. When using cards from someone I’m using messages from someone elses set of beliefs. Especially with oracle I’ve found. Tarot has a set of rules that follow each deck, while oracle is really freeform. So I found that creating my own helped my different backgrounds and beliefs come together into one space. 

Have you created your own cards before? Let me know your experience if you have. And your experience with older decks after you started. 

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