Let’s create some cards!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if card creation happened this easy?

Actually, most of the fun and the experience is in creating each card. Sitting down with your art supplies, your witchy supplies and spending time getting in touch with your intuition. 

Each one takes time to connect, go deeper and pull out the images and the words that go with. 

It’s something that will form exactly to your energy, your soul, your current needs. It will shift and change as you do. Constantly adapting to what you need in that moment. 

Each time you sit down to create, you’ll get centered, connected, and in tune with your Guides and intuition. Each time creating a few new cards. 

Before you know it, you’ll be pulling a full deck out of a bag like this. 

Pull out your colored pencils, your watercolor paper and get started! 


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