Blank Oracle Cards

Design your own deck of Oracle cards.


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 44 Blank Oracle Cards cut from high-quality watercolor paper to stand up to whatever art form your deck takes.

It’s about getting back to the basics. Letting go and trusting your intuition. Creating your own cards is a process of rewilding, of tapping into your feminine divine, letting go of outside noises and tools, and making your own rituals. You’re using your intuition to lead the way, to choose the colors, to hear the messages, to put them down onto paper in word and art.

Each card is 3.5 by 5 inches like your standard Oracle Card Deck. Cut from quality watercolor paper that will stand up to the pencils and water brush as you create each of your designs.

Sent in a handmade cloth bag. Fabrics will vary.

****Afraid of making a mistake? Want a larger deck? ****
Add the expansion pack. You’ll get an extra 12 cards for your deck. You can use them to make your deck larger, to practice on this paper, or just in case you want to start a card over again.

(Pencils not included)

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What type of deck will you create? Will it connect to your guides, your goddesses, or even your shadows? Only you can decide.

After you’ve created your cards, share them on the socials and tag @thestudio429 and use #cardcreatorscoven