Card Creators Coven

The art of designing a divination deck that will unleash your inner power and teach you how to trust your intuition.

I know you may say that you aren’t an artist because you don’t sell your work, or you can only draw stick figures. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, and yet we still create every single day. You are more than capable of creating your own deck, whether you call yourself an artist or not!

Perhaps your art is graphic design, photography, words, colors, simple sketches, or geometric patterns, the list is endless.

No matter your art form, you are an artist, and this class is for you. 

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Throughout the Masterclass you’ll:

Create your very first divination cards that will be the start of your new deck.

You will also:

  • Learn the supplies and techniques needed to create your deck
  • Meditate and channel your highest self, Angels, and Guides to receive messages for your cards and the messages your soul truly needs right now.
  • Understand the rules of decks – tarot vs oracle, and how to complete yours.
  • Heal parts of yourself you didn’t even know needed healing. 
  • Uncover your true power. 
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“I’ve loved how healing it’s been for me. I was having a “icky” day yesterday and coming to my cards was a great way to process, move forward, and feel good.” 

This is for:

  • People who want to create their own deck to use with their clients. 
  • Those who want to integrate their passion and business with a card deck practice. ie a copywriter who pulls cards when writing for a client, an artist who pulls cards to determine the direction of an art piece. 
  • People who see a community that isn’t being served by current decks on the market, and want to add. 
  • Those who want to have fun creating cards and exploring their creativity.
  • Those who feel like they can’t reach their creativity and are hurting because of it. 
  • People who have tried a variety of decks and haven’t felt super connected to one, or whose card reading practice has been feeling stale. 

What you’ll gain from this masterclass:

  • You’ll create your own deck imbued with the energy of your choosing, knowing every part of it personally.
  • Tools to make your full deck.
  • Spend time working with your intuition, and hone your craft.
  • A framework you’ll be able to use for any theme or idea you have for a deck in the future. 
  • Unleash your creativity, thus deepening your connection to Source. 
  • Have some fun and enjoy time spent creating.

It’s easy to begin learning how to create your own divination decks.

Sign Up

Join the Masterclass by clicking one of the join buttons and following the rest of the prompted steps. 

Show up

Show up to the Masterclass on June 1st or watch the recording if you can’t attend live. Do the work. 

Create Your Deck

Follow the prompts and create your full deck to connect to your soul and your deepest desires. 

What this masterclass includes:

  • 2 Hour Live Masterclass
  • Workbook
  • Supply lists
  • Journal prompts
  • Histories of tarot and oracle.
  • Lessons you can watch after on how to use this practice to create tarot cards, photoshop templates, additional meditations, and more.

Here’s Cards Others Have Created Inside The Masterclass

Words, images, light language. Colored pencils, markers, inks. Everyone’s cards are different.

“Anybody who is even questioning it should just do it. It’s amazing. The best art class you’ve ever taken….I had some great art teachers growing up, but they never made me feel like I could be an artist or a creator.” – Kelsey O’Neill

Tarot or Oracle

The choice is yours because the principles remain the same. 

In this workshop, we will focus on oracle, but I’ll be sharing bonus content that will use this method to create tarot cards as well. 

Meet Crystal, one of the women who’s taken CCC and found amazing results!

It’s time to tap into your intuition and design the deck of your dreams.