Freyja: Goddess Series

The newest installment of my goddess series is complete!

“I do fear being seen. I fear judgment, and I fear being called fraud, fake, and phony. I fear all that comes from doing my sacred work in the world, and I’ve let that fear keep me quiet and my art unknown. My muscles grip my bones, and I wonder if death is easier than fighting this shadow. I start softly, speaking of my muse and beauty, then I raise my voice and howl to the cave creatures that I am worth more than to muddle through and pedal on. I am the vital creatrix with a painted face, and I am not going home without reclaiming all that has been stolen.” – the holy wild

Here I am, doing my sacred work, creating from my soul, and letting it shriek into world without remorse. I am alive, and to create is to be human.