Healing In the light

I had a dream a few nights ago that this piece was inspired by. I was told to stay inside for my protection, but when the kids and dogs ran out, I went out too in order to bring them back in. They went inside, and when I turned to run inside as well, I was shot three times in the back. I was stunned, but still able to function. I didn’t feel the pain, but I saw the blood, I knew what had happened. I thought someone would help me, but no one came, they carried on with their lives. I had to bandage myself and hike to the hospital down a boardwalk and up a side street. The process of getting help at the hospital was convoluted at best, with no one taking a real interest, just shuttling me around to different areas, and not being at all alarmed that I had been shot. When I ended up in a room, people just milled by. I saw faces I had known, they waved, said hi or just nodded, but no one seemed to care.

Finally, someone wrapped their arms around me, a shaman of sorts. He cleared the air with a rattle, sending me into a deep trance. The colors were brighter. Bright pinks and yellows. I could see the little lights all around me and feel the vibrations of other realms healing me. My body rocked in all directions in the trance, but my soul was in a different dimension, seeing the truth and healing.


No head leaves no voice, no mind to listen to
No arms for action
No legs for movement
No head, mind, arms, or legs, just an object to set aside
Left to fend for yourself, a cog in the system
No one will come to aid, no authority will heal
Healed by the light, healed by the sound alone
Those who have seen, see the surface
Those who have experienced, know the truth