HECATE: Goddess Collection

Hecate by Ash King of Studio429

Goddess of the crossroads, of the in-between, of witchcraft, and the guardian of doorways. Hecate.

This is one of my very few full-body portraits. While I can see a lot of progress, I see so much I can update and improve. I could have spent forever correcting, and covering up, and altering, so I decided to call her done. For now. I’ll paint her again one day. I love her style though, and how that skirt turned out!

I wrote the following in 2019 and have no memory of it. I love when that happens. So here it is for all of us to learn from. Take what resonates with you and ask Hecate to help usher you through the in-between, to the path you choose to go down.

☽🌑☾ ☽🌑☾ ☽🌑☾ ☽🌑☾
You have been blessed with the ability to travel through the in-between at will.
You’ve walked in the light and the dark.
You are here to guide others on their paths.
Not to heal them. Not to be the answer, but to ask the deep dark questions they can’t bear to ask of themselves.
To open and hold the space that they need to see themselves, so see what has been presented in their life.
You’re here to usher them through this barren space of the in-between by way of making them question everything.
By questioning all that lies before them, they connect to their own guides, their own power.
They heal themselves.

Hecate presented herself before me in the clearing of the meditation space, and she has been coming up a lot for me since reading Holy Wild. When I was out running, I captured this image and realized that the in-between has been my space, that she had been trying to get a message to me. I don’t know if I should be in this space forever, but for now, I’ve realized that I spend much time here, and I’m embracing it. Like waiting for another storm to begin, that time between the hot sunny day and the dark, thunderous, storm. The energy that buzzes around me during that time is magnificent.

The readings that I do are there to guide, to help you open up, question things, question perspectives and dig down to the root. While I hold the readings, I am not the answer, I am the guide. You know it, the answers, deep with in you, you just haven’t listened, or allowed yourself to hear it. That’s ok. I’ve been there too. We all need guides and teachers. So when you feel like you can’t figure out the answer, when you feel desperate, when you feel like everything is crashing down around you, when you jump from thing to thing, unsure where to go next – reach out to someone to hold a reading for you. It can be me, or another reader you feel comfortable with. Let them guide you through your time in the in-between.
☽🌑☾ ☽🌑☾ ☽🌑☾ ☽🌑☾

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