Channeled from Metatron [Extended message]

I sat down to write a email and eneded up with a long message, that started from Metatron. He started off saying “This is Metatron”. However, I believe that as I went, other Angels came in and out as some messages do feel to be different. Either way, this went deep really fast. I cut off the last few lines as I believe they were just for me. Other than that, and some small editing, this is how it came out.

I want you to know that you can call on me any time you need an energetic cleanse. When you need space, solace, and guidance call on me for assistance. I am here to be your guide and aid you in your spiritual journey. We are here to guide you but you must ask us to first. Start each day letting us know that you are you open to our guidance and willing to listen to what we offer.

We find that many of you don’t listen. You have the intention to listen but then you only choose to hear to what you want to hear without taking action on anything at all. When this happens we are saddened that we can’t help you live your life to your highest good. We believe in you. This your time to thrive. So call on us to clear out your space and to feel the peace that a clean space brings. You can also clean your physical space to help you listen.

If you’re having trouble listening, your mind is too cluttered and you may already have a desired outcome in mind. So you aren’t really open to the guidance no matter how many times you say you are open. Please let go and trust us to handle what you need and what you desire. We are here for you and only you. This your time to shine so  light up the world and offer us your willing hands your willing mind that will open and receptive to what we share. We want you to live a happy life. We want you to thrive. We want you to enjoy this life and come closer to ascension. This is our duty to make sure that you are ready to ascend. We are all here for your guidance. Simply ask for help. You can ask us, a specific angel, or whomever in 3-D is there for you. You can get help from anywhere. It’s all around you. You just must be open to it. Really open to it. 

Open up by letting go of the outcome. Let go of all outcomes. We know whats best for you. We can see many steps ahead to see what will best suit you. It may not feel good now, it may not look like what you need, and want. But trust that we by us doing this now, you’ll get what you truly desire later in the right times. 

This is our plea to you – open and listen. Get quiet. Light a candle or do what you must to relax and just let it all come though. Write it all down, don’t edit, just release the judgement. Don’t even look at it until the next day if that helps you release at any attachments or judgments to it. if this helps. Continue to do this daily. Just ask for guidance, write down what you hear and feel and then read it the next day with fresh eyes, fresh mind and then decide what the first step will be to take action on this. This is your time to shine, please let go and step into the person who you came here to be.

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