Constricted Desires

Finished this one this morning. I always see more, little details I could tweak, but there always comes a point where I know that’s it, it’s time to let it go.

When I want to say something, when I want to share my desires, when I want to speak up. This is how it feels.

My body being wrapped up in vines, hands around my neck trying to keep the vines from choking me. Vines twisting around my torso, constricting my lungs, making it hard to breathe. I try to speak by nothing comes out.

I pull and pull at the vines and at last words come out, but they don’t convey my passion, they fall flat, while I try to just keep breathing. All my focus is on getting the words out before I lose air entirely.

By the time I’ve gotten the words out and retreated, my body is numb. Like it’s gone to sleep from lack of blood flow. My entire focus now is on trying to restore feeling, breathing deeper, removing the constricting vines, and saving what’s left of my passion for what I desire. The pieces left scattered, needing to be put back together and reignited.