Horses: Dream artistry

Remember when I held a dream artistry convo around these horses? I finished up the drawing and channeled this little bit about what it means.

These horses in my dreams. What do they mean?

You’re fighting for your life. For your dreams. Not from a source that seeks to hurt your physical body, but from a source that seeks to kill your beliefs, your dreams, your faith. You are in the fight of your life. To fight for that which you desire. The cards, the riding, you want to control every aspect of the situation. Every part you want to know, every aspect and possible outcome. So you are in high alert, not trusting anything, not letting anyone take that control. So you avoid things you once loved. You hold back, avoid risks. Avoid vulnerability. Your high alert state is causing you to panic at every sound, just like a horse or a deer. Every unexpected thing, down to a simple noise makes you jump. You are the wild mustang. Surrounded by the creatures you love and align with. Surrounded by both your wild nature that longs for release and your fears that hold you in place. Always revolving between fear and wildness. Control and spontaneity. Desire and what’s responsible. These are always revolving, spurring you forward. Searching for the cards, the words to use, the signs, and the messages. Always seeking.