I am A Witch and Priestess

I am a Witch.

I am a Priestess.

I’ve skirted around it long enough. Putting it in just the right places where only some may see. Or dimming it down by saying Art Witch. Art is my practice, but the base is Witch. I don’t need supplies to be a witch, I don’t need anything but myself and some nature. Or even just a moment or two to breathe. It’s the title that holds value, meaning, and magick. Same with Priestess. These are the titles that remind me of who I am and who I wish to be, and my mission in this lifetime.

I’m stepping into my power fully. I am embracing my title as witch and I’m letting go of what everyone has told me I need to do in order to succeed. I am setting my own course. Making my own rules. Doing what feels good. Offering what I feel like offering that week. It may change week to week. I suspect it will even out next year with what I really feel like settling into.

I’ve used the phrase ‘rewilding my soul’ often, and this is just the next level of that. An experiment to see if I can run my business while offering what my soul wants to do that week. I may offer mini readings. Or social Media Graphics done for you. Meditations. Procreate and photoshop brushes. Jewelry is even on the table because I’m getting back to my roots – my first business was making jewelry, my second business was graphic design and web. So I’m going deep into my roots now that I’ve grounded and learned some new skills and worked through my shadows.

For now everything will remain in Studio429. Though the message I’m feeling into is that in the near future they will separate. One space for art and divination tools, and one space for design. I’ll know when it’s time. You may see me offer some seemingly random offerings, but I assure you they have a connecting thread. That thread may just not be visible to you. It may not even be visible to me, but it’s my experiment and it feels good.

Two of the bigger projects I’ll be working on is a short program/ workshop dedicated to helping you through the shadows and creating a self portrait, a program that has been coming in for some time, piece by piece.

Second, I’ll be releasing a book once it’s done. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the first draft.  Tentatively called “The Art of Designing Divination: The key to unlock your inner power and trust your intuition“. It will go along side the Card Creators Coven program.

I’m looking forward to this chapter of experimenting and seeing what settles. Of exploring exactly which services feel right.

Keep an eye out for what I offer next!

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