The Problem With Collecting Decks

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@studio429 pt 2 – have you made your own before? #cardcreatorscoven #divination #makeyourtarot #pagan #witchtok ♬ original sound – studio429
There are so many decks coming out and being published, every day it seems. They are all beautiful, with artwork I’d choose to hang on my wall. What I see that’s problematic though, is that people are collecting them exclusively. Always looking for the next deck without really first getting to know one or taking the action on the messages that pop up. The collecting isn’t the issue, if you enjoy seeing the art and supporting the artists, keep going.
The problematic part though is when someone starts becoming dependent on the cards and then not taking action. They aren’t listening to their own intuition or seeing the value in putting the cards aside sometimes.
I’ve been there.
I’ve been the one buying new decks left and right and the one picking and choosing which deck would give the message that I wanted to hear, not the message I needed to hear.
But then I started making my own cards. Not to sell. And I’ve had people asking to buy an already made deck. At first it was just a way to be creative and try something new. I’d set a timer and only allow myself 30 minutes from start to finish. It was a way to combine interests and loosen up in my art skills. But it slowly turned into way more than that. I started seeing my intuition increase way faster than with any of the other decks I’ve purchased. The decks I’ve painted have shown my journey and helped me trust myself.
Card Creators Coven is for you if you’ve been collecting decks. Use it as an experiment to see how your intuition increases. If this sounds like you, jump on the email list to be the first to join CCC!