You’ve Been To The Underworld of Your Soul, Now It’s Time To Feel The Light

You’ve done some shadow work, you’ve been to the underworld of your soul. It’s been hard, but you stuck to it. You let everything be stripped away so that you can own your shadow without fear, guilt, or embarrassment. 

You’ve done amazing work, now its time to crack open the dark cocoon and let the light in. Its time to step back into the light of day.

You travel between worlds. Taking the courageous path of the goddesses who go to and from the underworld willing. 

Now to welcome in the light you take a few deep breaths of fresh air. Outside in nature, under a bright and welcoming sun. Feeling its warmth on your skin, like it’s the first time you’ve felt it. You are fresh and new, scrubbed clean of several layers of shadow. 
The warmth brings back the joy and helps you come back to life. The fresh air in your lungs feels like new life, its the first deep breaths you’ve taken in a long time.

Re-awakened and embodied and alive. Choose something that will make you feel great. Something you love to do. Run, play, read, draw, sing, make music, garden. Get your fee dirty feeling the ground beneath your toes and simply have fun. There is nothing on agenda besides finding pleasure in being alive. There will be more work in the underworld, but not today.

You are the courageous light warrior, the goddess who travels worlds and you must never forget the reason. To find pleasure. To find freedom. To be the light. 

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