The Art of Intuitive Development

There are so many ways of developing your intuition out there. There are books, podcasts, courses, videos, etc. And while they all have a common goal: for you to feel, trust, and follow your intuition, they all get you there in a different way. 

For me, I’ve found that combining art into my intuitive practice has been the biggest catalyst. By creating what I see and feel, I’m putting it out onto paper, and therefore understanding it more. I’m a visual learner, an artist, and a lover of all things paper and office supply, so it makes sense for me. 

But since we are all unique people with different ways of learning and understanding the Universe, you may need a different way to develop your intuition. Maybe for you it doesn’t even feel like development, as much as an uncovering, or a relearning process. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when developing or uncovering your intuition. 

Decide you’re going to develop and follow your intuition.

First, just make the decision. Make that the priority, over following a certain teacher, or method. Come back to this intent when you try out something new or find a new teacher. Ask yourself, is this person/course/method actually helping me trust my intuition? Trust yourself in this process and if your answer isn’t a ‘hell yes’. 

Try different methods of intuitive development

The beginning of this journey is to have a look at all the methods and try them out. What looks appeal? Who do you already follow? What book has been on your bookshelf unread? Try one method for a short period of time. Set a time-frame, like daily for a week, or throughout the month. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel anything during your first session, it’s just about getting used to using that method. Find out if it works for you or not. If this method doesn’t resonate with you, find another method. If at the end of the time-frame you set, it doesn’t feel good, or it doesn’t feel like you’ve felt any connection or any change, maybe it’s time to try the next thing. 

Don’t let anyone else decide for you, you don’t have to do everything you’re told. 

Find what works for you and go with it. But be very critical of any advice you read about intuitive development, or receive from friends and coaches, it might not be a match to your way of doing things. If you know that you’re a visual learner, but what someone’s telling you completely goes against that, then don’t do it. Try something else. If your best friend swears by a certain program, and tells you it’s the only way – don’t take their word for it. Try it out if it seems interesting, and then see if it actually is a fit for you. If it isn’t, let it go. What works for someone else, may not work for it. 

Being solitary and quiet at times

After you’ve tried something, or gathered info on what to try next, spend some time alone. Spend some time outside of the book, the podcast, the class etc. Do it yourself and see what happens. We can spend so much time on info overload, that we forget why we started this process in the first place: to trust our intuition. The only way you’ll do that, is by letting go of all the outside noise telling you what to do, and listen to what you know you need to do. 

Trust your gut feeling, aka your INTUITION

Trust what comes up for you. Does it feel good? Do you enjoy it? Does it seem to be working? Trust your intuition – that’s why you’re developing it. Trust that you know what’s working, trust that your guides are with you, guiding you. Trust that you’ll find the best method. 

The takeaways here:

  • Find your intuitive development method and make it a part of your life.
  • Don’t force it or you will just give it up eventually.
  • Know what’s right for you and go with it.
  • Have patience, stick to one method for a while and see what happens.

Even if creating art isn’t your favorite method, intuitive development is an artform. 

Want to try out using art as a form of intuitive development? Check out the Card Creators Coven – a community for humans wanting to create decks of cards, develop and fine tune intuition, and create their own path. 

Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

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