The Rebel Light Warriors Manifesto

We rebel against the ‘rules’ that society has placed on us. That tells us what we can and can not do. That tells us we need someone to give us access to the divine. 

We rebel against anyone who tells us our beliefs are wrong. Who says we can’t create the life of our dreams.

To those who tell us how we must work in the world, we say hell no. We pave our own paths, curving around each tree in our path. 

Let’s create our own religion. Where we talk with Angel’s, believe in God, fear no hell, call on the goddesses and need no one’s permission.

Love is our lineage.

Gratitude is our religion.  

We don’t fear hell, because we’ve already been there and back. We now go back and forth freely. 
Love leads us. Passion fuels us. 

We are the rebels with a cause. The light warriors of the Earth and the Stars.


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( Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash )

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