The Age of Light – A channeled message

This is the age of light. You’ve been training for this for lifetimes. 

You were born in this time to be here right now, to be the light. To do the work and wake the people. You’ve been here guiding the masses, sharing your work, and your healing. You know that this is a huge time for transformation.

You know that this is why you’re here. Deep down you know this your purpose, your mission. Breathe into it. What do you need to learn know? To know. What do you need to feel into? What do you need to hear right now?

This is the age light. Light doesn’t mean it will be all airy and free and love and rainbows. It means there will be work to do. There will be hard times. You will be asked to feel all of the emotions. You will be asked to go into the dark and feel the deep deep depths of the soul. You will be asked to share what you learn. It will not be the easiest path. It will be filled with anger, rage, depression, anxiety, sadness, passion, love, and every other emotion you’ve ever seen or felt. It will be filled with all everything you have been trying to hide from.

Now is not the time to hide. It’s the time to look into the face of darkness and light yourself up. It’s time time to look fear in the eyes and say “I’m moving forward anyway”. Today is the time to look anger in the eyes and burn with all the rage you can muster. It’s the time to live a life on fire and rage when you need to. It’s a time to love so fiercely that you can’t breathe at first. To love so fiercely that you can burn everything down until it is ash and then rise from those ashes.  

This is a time in history when the world needs those brave souls to look at all the things no one wants to see or acknowledge and do something about them. It’s a time when we need to forget the way things have been and instead work towards the way things could be. The way we were meant to be. It is a time for those of us who know.

It is a time for us to get to know our selves. To know who we truly are and who humans are. 
It’s a time to rise into the flames. Burn down what is no longer acceptable and build anew. 

Now is the time when we need to step into that fire, fear no flames, fear no evil, fear no emotion and simply feel.

Be the light, but know that being the light doesn’t mean that you are all happy all the time. Being the light means that you are the beacon. You are the point at which all others try to find. You are the lighthouse. You are the one who points people in the right direction and tells them where to sail. Know that that doesn’t mean you send them to sail calm waters. You must send them through the rocky waters too, only nudging them away from utter destruction. For in the near destruction, you know. You see.

Lilith* is the one who feels it all, who hears it all. Lilith* is the one who doesn’t fear hell, who doesn’t fear anger, who doesn’t fear love. Who looks at every emotion with kindness, with an embrace. Each emotion is deserving of you. You are deserving of each emotion. You chose to incarnate so that you could feel all of the emotions. This is your time to experience each and every one of them. Now is your time to feel it all. To hear it all.

Being Lilith* means that first you hear and feel and see it all, then you consciously choose which one you want to believe, which one you want to follow. You choose love. You feel it all the you choose the path of love. You choose the path of least resistance. Sometimes you think that least resistance means that you go with the flow, you do the easy things, you never experience anything hard, but this actually means that you are going where the Universe wants you to go. For if you ignore it, or block it, it will always come back, it will always give you resistance. Sometimes this is the hardest path out there there. But to go with the path of least resistance means that you must follow the path the Angels give you. The path that God gives you. Be it hard or be it easy. 

This is the Age of Light. Be the light.

* When I channeled this, I thought that I was typing ‘light’ however each time I had misspelled it and it correct to Lilith. After reading it, I decided to follow what I had typed without knowing. It felt right to speak of Lilith. If you are unfamiliar, Lilith is the Dark Goddess, who is sovereign unto herself, she fights for equality, for knowledge, and for freedom. No one can cage her inside a life that is too small, a life that was created by someone else. She represents all who know life has more meaning, all who free themselves from the small cages we have been taught to believe. She is here to help you claim your power.