How do I know if that message came from myself or my Guides?

I think this is the question I see most often, “was this a message from my guides or my own thoughts?’ and it’s one that I’ve often thought too as I started this journey. There are still times when I wonder when specific subjects come up, and I must take my time understanding the difference. 

The most important thing you should know is that it often takes practice to hear, feel, and know the difference between your own thoughts and those of your Guides (Angles, ancestors, Spirit, etc). It can be hard, since most of the time, these thoughts still sound like you. It’s something that you must keep doing. Keep connecting, keep asking questions and hearing what follows. The more you connect, the easier it will be to feel the difference between your own thoughts and messages. Deep down you know what’s real and what’s not, but we have been so conditioned over generations to doubt, to not trust ourselves, that we get confused, we go outside to seek answers, and we ignore the messages. 

Now is the time to tap back in, to seek within ourselves and learn to trust. 

Here are some ways to get to know your voice and that of the higher self, your Angels or Guides. 

Your thoughts will hold warnings, fear, doubt, and lack. It’s only natural. How many times have we heard “be careful”, “what if it doesn’t work”, “be safe”, “you can’t quit your job, you need to pay the bills”. We’ve been told that we need to do the safe thing, the right thing, and so it’s natural that our inner voice warns us. It may say ‘be careful’, it may try to tell you that you aren’t worthy of receiving messages, or that you don’t deserve happiness, or that what you have now is fine, there’s no need to seek for more. It will try to keep you safe, keep you small, and not shake the boat too much.

A message from your Guides and higher self will be pure love. It may be tough to hear sometimes. The first step may feel scarier than anything you’ve ever done. I’m not saying that pure love will be all sunshine and rainbows, but it will be for your highest good. You may feel your body warm, or tingle, with connection, with excitement. You’ll feel a knowing. Like ‘YES’ this is it. this is right. At first, it may be hard to feel, you’ll only feel it for a second and then it will be gone. It takes time to build this. It’s like a muscle, the more you use it to connect and the more you feel the ‘yes’ or the ‘no’, the easier it will be to feel it. 

When the message comes, ask yourself a few questions to decide where it comes from, fear or love. 

What does my body feel like when I say this? Does it feel tight, constricted (fear), or does it feel warm, loose, relaxed (love)?

Does it feel right for you? Or does it feel like a letdown?

Does this excite me? Even if taking the first step feels scary, does the final outcome feel exciting?

Does this feel like you’re living small, or does it feel like you’re living life fully?

Will this keep you within your comfort zone or will it help you step outside of it?

After you answer these questions, what do you think? Message from my guides or myself?

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