This Is Our Time Of Rising

This is our time of rising.

We have been told so many lies over lifetimes. 

We aren’t creative
We must be quiet
We can’t make decisions
We must do the responsible thing
We must save our money
We must work for an hourly wage
Everything is hard
Nothing comes easy
We can’t do this thing or that thing

So many lies. It’s infatuating.

It sets my soul on flames. It is time for this to end. Time for us to embrace our sisters and rise up. We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. 

It’s time to channel this rage into something productive. Channel it into your creative pursuits. There is so much rage. So much anger. So much feeling tethered to a life that doesn’t fit our souls. We must learn to work with this energy to create something larger than ourselves. Something that will keep us going. 

I don’t know if any of us are meant to be here. For generations, we have been killing off Mother Earths’ resources for our own personal gain. Do we really deserve to live here? 

We need to be better
We need to do better
It’s our time of rising
When we rise, mother earth rises

Freedom is found on the wings of surrender. 

Let this fire fuel us. Let it enrage us. Let it sit with us. It’s time for fire. It’s time for rage. For anger. It’s time to feel it all. When we do that we rise. Use the anger for something good. It doesn’t have to be a solution. Each person needs to find their own solution. 

I don’t want you to find me a solution. I don’t want you to do anything for me. I want you to find the solution for yourself. I want you to feel the rage and the anger until it burns all away. Until it burns away all of the impurities of despair. I want you to fuel the fire with the memories of lifetimes past. I want it to hit you all at once and then I want you to rise as the Phoenix rises from the ashes. I want you to rise into the beauty that you are, that you have always been, that you will always be. 

You aren’t crazy. You aren’t wrong. You aren’t too much of anything. You are a beautiful storm that needs to hit full force before you find a solution for yourself. 

This is your time of rising.