This is something that I wrote ages ago but never shared. I guess I was afraid to share it, or just wasn’t ready. But here it is, after learning from it myself, and doing a few edits, it’s ready to be shared with the world. Some thoughts on forgiveness.

Forgiveness isn’t something that happens on your schedule or anyone else’s schedule. It takes time, it takes patience. It takes getting to your breaking point and surrendering. No one can tell you when you need to forgive. It’s too personal for someone to tell you. well, they can tell you, but it’s a personal practice and only your body and soul will know when it’s time. 

It knows no schedule. The Angles and the Universe have a different sense of time than we do. The only thing we can do is ask ourselves what we need in that moment and go from there. For awhile that may simply be to feel angry, to feel the resentment, to feel the pain. But one day it will click and things will turn around for you.

Forgiveness can take on many looks. Forgiveness, keep in mind, really isn’t for the person you are forgiving, it’s for you. It’s your own personal practice. When you forgive, you free your mind and soul up to receive the next step. Which could be to go back to the way things were before. To try a different version of what things were, same people, but different patterns. Or it could be to keep your distance and forge a new path entirely. Or some variation in between. That is up to you. Your Angels and your guides will be right there with you to back you up when you are lost. They want what you want and will show you the way if you are open to receiving their messages and guidance. 

If you need some guidance on how to get started, try a yoga practice. Get on your mat, sit in meditation, or consult your angel cards. 

If you need help, book an Angel Card Reading with me. This is something that the Angels will always help with, and the cards can really help you begin to heal.

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