The beltaine Prosperity Summit

Pluto, the planet connected to the Underworld of ourselves, shifted into Aquarius last month and with the activation of the Aries Black Moon and Pluto squaring the Nodes of Fate now is when we’re really feeling the magick of this life-changing transit.

Pluto shifted from Capricorn for the first time since 2008, igniting a rumble in the social order. Pluto is the planet of wealth, power, secrets, mystery, death, transformation, and shadow journeys. In Aquarius — a sign motivated by the needs of the collective — Pluto empowers the masses to organize, mobilize, and disrupt the systems that are no longer serving us.

While this can sound heavy and ominous, as powerful, sovereign magickal women, we get to shift this perception to see this rumbling disruption in the cosmos and our social structures as a perfectly sourced opportunity to flow into higher ways of being and be the light for others to do the same.

The power of Sacred Community we cultivate at The Secret Garden acts as an amplifier in this flow into our highest selves. Our Celebratory Cauldron of Prosperity is brewing behind the scenes for our BELTAINE PROSPERITY SUMMIT May 1st – May 12th where I and a host of powerhouse people will teach you how to embrace the joyous energy of Beltaine to accelerate your personal and professional lives with magick and mastery!

Join the Summit here -> Beltaine Prosperity Summit

Bear in mind that Pluto plays a long game, and so must you. You’ll have ample time to dismantle the systems or structures that are no longer load-bearing and draft the blueprints for your transformation. Times of transition are rarely comfortable, but the silver lining is that we’re in this together. Our social networks become powerful shock absorbers as we collectively begin again. 

The summit kicks off on Monday May 1st with power-packed interviews released daily and available for 24 HOURS for fast action receiving along with Live Zoom Ceremonies and check-ins along the way to keep the energies of joy, pleasure and prosperity flowing and accelerating within our collective container.

We also have an extra special VIP ALL ACCESS PASS to get the magick brewing before the summit begins!

With this VIP Pass you’ll receive lifetime access to the 25+ interviews from the summit, all the Ceremony and Masterclass Replays PLUS lifetime access to SEVEN of intuitively chosen GODDESS ACTIVATIONS!! A $5000 dollar value for our exclusive Early Bird Price of $37!

I highly recommend you take your time with these activations and journal about your progress. You might want to reflect on what you want to get out of this summit, what your life vision truly is and who you get to BE to make it happen.

Don’t miss out on this Early Bird Deal! Prices go up to $69 on MAY 4th AT 11:11pm PST!

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